Police Gloucestershire Force Management Statement 2019

A freedom of Information Request has resulted in the Force Management Statement which is submitted annually to the Police Inspectorate as part of the PEEL Assessment for the Service. The RAG scores (Red, Amber Green) worryingly show 7 domains including Domestic Abuse, Child Abuse, Stalking and Managing Registered Sex Offenders (MAPPA – stands for Multi Agency Public Protection assessed as high risk areas

The full redacted document as supplied by Police Gloucestershire can be downloaded below

Pavement Parking Consultation

t’s great that a consultation will be launched on pavement parking. But, there are also many other anomalies in the ‘decriminalisation’ of parking enforcement transferring it from Police managed Parking Wardens to County Council Civil Enforcement Officers.

This includes:-

vehicles which are causing a highway obstruction eg parking badly in narrow streets or obstructing a cycle lane on the side of the road.

Cars parked which obstruct access into or out of an adjoining property

Parking at junctions reducing visibility

Parking dangerously eg so that other road users have to cross a double white line

These all need to be addressed as part of this consultation to enable these matters to be fairly enforced without being a burden on very stretched Police Officers and PCSOs.

The Government press notice can be found here which confirms the consultation will take place in the Summer :-